Shield and Sword Set - CUSTOMIZABLE

$80.00 USD


Product Description

Make your next pillow fight one for the ages.

Forget those namby-pamby feather-filled cushions. Use the Shield and Sword Set instead!

The shield's soft interior will absorb the blows of even the toughest of foes, and the sword's cushioned grip lets you battle in comfort. And when the battle is done, the shield makes a super-comfy pillow.

The shield measures 20 inches wide by 19 inches tall, and the sword is 8 inches wide by 19 inches tall.

You like things your own way. That's cool.

In the 5th photo, each available color is listed with its name. You need to choose which colors you want for each letter-labeled section: A)shield's fleur de lis, B)shield's accents and back straps, C)sword's crossbar, and D)sword's grip.

When completing your purchase, in the message to seller section, indicate your design choice. For example, if you want a shield and sword set like the one pictured here, tell us A)gold, B)red, C)red and D)red.

Only want the sword? Only want the shield? Check out our "Armory" section to purchase them individually!

Machine washable, tumble dry.

Shield and Sword Set - CUSTOMIZABLE

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