Buckler Toy/Pillow - CUSTOMIZABLE

$45.00 USD


Product Description

Dangers lurk around every corner. It's best to be protected.

The buckler is a good choice. Its small size makes it an easily-carried, compact option. The back straps make it easy to wield for best defense. Its brown background and customizable color options let you coordinate it with your best set of armor.

And when the fighting is done, its soft fleece exterior and cushy stuffing interior make a super-comfortable pillow.

The buckler measures 14 inches around.

You like things your own way. That's cool.

In the 5th photo, the multiple color options are displayed. You can pick one color to be used for both the center cross design and the back straps.

In the message to seller section, indicate your color selection. For example, if you want a buckler like the one pictured here, tell us "green".

Machine washable, tumble dry.

Like war axes, too? Consider our Buckler/War Axe Set!

Buckler Toy/Pillow - CUSTOMIZABLE

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