Buckler and War Axe Set - CUSTOMIZABLE

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Product Description

The following cautionary tale is based on an actual, made-up event:

"Lothar had hiked for days through the dense forest without encountering a single soul. Yet, he sensed an evil presence just beyond his sight. The bristly hairs rose on the back of his muscular neck. It was close.

Then, whether by pure luck or a warrior's instinct honed by years of experience, he raised his buckler just as the anti-paladin's sword crashed down. It absorbed the impact, giving him time to bring his war axe to bear and smite his evil foe."

Be like Lothar and get yourself the Buckler and War Axe Set.

The buckler's small size, soft fleece exterior, and squishy stuffing interior let it do double duty as defense during battle and comfy pillow when the fighting is over.

The war axe's compact design lets you easily wield it for maximum impact, while its soft fleece and stuffing helps keep your enemies at bay without actually inflicting any slashy badness.

The buckler measures 14 inches around, and the war axe measures 7 inches wide by 13 inches tall.

You like things your own way. That's cool.

In the 5th photo, the multiple color options are displayed. You can pick one color only to be used for all of the following: the buckler's cross design, the buckler's back straps, and the war axe's criss-crossed grip.

In the message to seller section during purchase, indicate your color selection. For example, if you want a set like the one pictured here, tell us "green".

Only want the buckler? Only want the war axe? Check out our "Armory" section to purchase them individually!

Machine washable, tumble dry.

Buckler and War Axe Set - CUSTOMIZABLE

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